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Camping – More Than Fun and Games

Whether your family is a seasoned camping crew, or a brand new group of greenhorns, camping together is a great way to form lasting memories and strengthen bonds that will be treasured for a lifetime. One of the keys to successful camping is planning ahead. Most people realize this and create lists days or even weeks ahead of time. They make sure that there are enough blankets, burgers, and bug spray for everyone, but often one area gets overlooked: camping games for kids.

Camping games for kids can play an integral part in making your camping trip is a success. The games shouldn’t be fancy- in keeping with the spirit of the camping trip. However, too often people just assume that by going on the trip, they are providing enough activity to fend of boredom. While this is true to some extent, it is also true that a little face to face time over the picnic table can provide an intimate and lasting interaction within the family.

In my experience, there are a couple of basic pieces of gaming equipment that no camping trip should be without: cards and dice. Games played with cards can range from the fundamental classics like go fish and crazy eights to slightly more complicated like rummy, poker, or even speed, or spades. It can be exciting to arrange tournaments between the family members, and a good game of solitaire is a great way to pass a lazy afternoon.

Dice are an oft- overlooked bit of essential camping gear. Some of my fondest memories are of playing Zilch or 10,000 on camping trips with my parents. The rules of those games vary depending on region but both are very similar to Yahtzee and that game makes for a rousing good time.

Another great set of camping games for kids doesn’t require any extra equipment at all. They use the surroundings of the camping location and the imagination of the players. One classic is “I spy” which is played when one person chooses an object within sight of all of the players and the others have to guess what it is. This is great to play during a nature hike, or even on the trip to the site. Another game that can be played on the way, or once you get there, is “20 Questions” In this game, the person who is “it” thinks of either a person, place. or thing and announces which category the secret falls under. The rest of the players then take turns asking yes and no questions to try and discover what the secret is. They must do it within 20 questions or they lose the game. Once this game has been learned you will find it is a great trick to have for any long road trip, whether it is to the next town, or the next state.

Including camping games for kids in the planning of your trip can help create moments of laughter and fun that will always be remembered.